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15 Gallon SPRAYER
Retail Price: $399
Sale Price: $349 + FREE SHIPPING

If you have a riding lawn mower then the 15 gallon Sprayer will make your life easier. While not as large as the 25 Gallon Sprayer, the 15 Gallon sprayer performs the exact same duties with a smaller reservoir. Fertilize and de-weed your lawn with faster-acting liquid fertilizer, or spray an anti-mosquito mixture to protect your friends and family from bugs at your next barbeque. Use the thumb activated spray wand to get rid of poison oak/ivy on trees or on the edges of your property. The 15 gallon Sprayer replaces fertilizer spreaders and is a great idea for anyone who has a riding lawn mower.



The 15 Gallon Sprayer covers a large area- over 7 feet -and reduces spraying time to just minutes instead of hours (or days). Kill large patches of weeds and protect your lawn from weeds spreading. Feed your grass with liquid fertilizer and have the greenest lawn you have ever had. And cover the entire area with anti-mosquito spray and enjoy your yard bug-free.
For those tough to reach nooks and crannies the 15 Gallon Sprayer comes equipped with an easy to use thumb control spray wand. The wand is attached by a 12 foot hose, so you will be able to reach your target with ease. And the spray wand has the power of the pump behind it, so no need to get knee deep in poison ivy or oak to spray it. Stand a safe distance away, point the spray wand and let the 15 Gallon Sprayer take care of the rest.
The size of the 15 Gallon Sprayer's tank simplifies jobs by cutting down on the number of times the tank must be refilled. A full tank- 15 Gallons -is a lot of liquid. Even if you have a large property and need to refill the 15 Gallon Sprayer two or three times, imagine how many stops you would have to make with a smaller sprayer (or worse, with a hand sprayer). The 15 Gallon Sprayer's capacity and the 12 volt pump make sure that your yard is sprayed as quickly and evenly as you want.
The 15 Gallon Sprayer has 10" pneumatic wheels that absorb bumps and provide the smooth ride that is so important to delivering an even spray pattern. Without the heavy duty treaded pneumatic tires a sprayer would be jarred by bumpy terrain and lose traction, producing uneven patterns of spray and pockets of unprotected areas of the lawn.
The 15 Gallon Sprayer has a heavy duty rust resistant frame and comes with a 90 day warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty would cover the 15 Gallon Sprayer for an entire Summer or fall, so you know that you can give it a good test and still be covered by the warranty.


Hawaii, Alaska and Canada
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